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Terms & Conditions

The Conditions of this agreement may change without given notice.

Wording Interpretation:

Myspy Security – Will be referred to as ‘MySpy’ throughout this contract.

Customer – You or the entity applying for the lease of security Equipment from MySpy

Equipment – All products supplied by MySpy including Poles, Alarm Panels, Cameras, Solar Panels, Batteries and related miscellaneous items

Clause 1.0

  • The Customer is liable for the full cost of all of the hired Equipment until the contract has expired regardless if the hire period has been shortened or terminated by the Customer
  • Myspy shall provide all Equipment to the Customer in good working order;
  • Myspy shall replace or repair Equipment if it fails to operate correctly;
  • Myspy will collect all Equipment within 5 working days after a formal request by the Customer.

1.1 Payment must be made in full by the Customer prior to installation of any Equipment

1.2 The Customer is responsible and liable for additional costs should the following events occur;

  • a) The full cost of repairing any damage to the hired Equipment
  • b) All expenses and legal costs incurred by MySpy enforcing the settlement of this contract

1.3 The Customer understands that Myspy Security Cameras are for VERIFICATION of Trespass or break in only. Cameras may not record suitable images for identification of persons and/or vehicles or vehicle registration. MySpy Cameras are not Surveillance Cameras and record only 30 seconds of video footage upon movement. Video Images are recorded on site and can be recalled remotely via a smart phone app or computer.

1.4 Inclement Weather: Myspy security systems are autonomous and rely on solar panels to rejuvenate the batteries on a daily basis. The customer understands that in the event of unforeseen prolonged cloudy days MySpy security systems may be subject to temporary shut downs.

Clause 2.0 Customer Obligations to Myspy;

2.1 The Customer Indemnifies Myspy for any and all injuries and/or damages that may have been caused to persons or property in relation to the Equipment and have adequate insurance to cover all liabilities

2.2 The Customer must NOT tamper, alter, damage or repair the equipment should it malfunction.

2.3 The Customer must always inform Myspy immediately upon damage, theft or malfunction of any hired equipment.

Clause 3.0 Customer not to claim damages

3.1 The Customer cannot recover from Myspy or proprietors nor sue for compensation for any damages (including for consequential and unfortunate loss of property whilst been secured / Monitored by hired security Equipment) arising in respect of this Contract. In the event of a malfunction the customer is not entitled to a discount or reduced rate cost.

Clause 4.0 Myspy may terminate the contract should;

4.1 the customer breach any clauses listed in this contract. Myspy may sue for recovery of all monies owing by the Customer. Hired equipment may also be seized without notice. Myspy is authorised to enter any premises where the equipment is located should access be freely available.

5.0 This contract is valid only to the prescribed address. Additional ‘Rental Forms’ may be required for camera installations on additional sites.

Tax Invoices for upfront costs and one month hire cost in advance will be sent to the customer upon receipt of completed ‘Order Form.’ Thereafter a tax invoice will be emailed monthly for the duration of the contract.

Payment can be made via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Tax Invoices are strictly 7 day Terms.